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Best VoIP Feature for Your Insurance Agency- Part 1

VoIP for your agency is all the rage right now with vendors touting incredible features like integration, voicemail to email, mobile apps and the list goes on. But how do you decode all the clutter and actually use VoIP to REALLY propel your agency forward? 

We’ve been consulting with our customers on this very topic for years and without a doubt find the most productive, revenue generating feature of VoIP to be Call Recording.

Recording calls is fast becoming standard industry practice in the insurance industry. The business benefits of call recording are well known:

·         Significant quality improvement

·         Faster dispute resolution

·         Reduce liability and E&O exposure

·         Continuous, real time feedback for best-practice training

Until the advent of affordable VoIP options, the high cost of recording technology has limited its implementation to large corporations and high-end call centers. Smaller businesses and in particular insurance agencies were forced to compromise and use unreliable solutions or no solution at all

Call recording for everyone – Many VoIP solutions deliver call recording solutions that effectively record every inbound and outbound call from your agency and store them securely in the providers cloud network for easy retrieval or download. 

Call recording enables continuous identification and immediate response to effective and ineffective conversations with your customers. It enables you to have quick and efficient resolution of "he said - she said" disputes that otherwise consume your valuable time. Time that should be spent writing business....

Stay tuned for the next installment

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