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Think before you text

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We constantly get the question: "Do you offer text messaging?" and our answer is always the same: "Have you researched the law and checked with your compliance team yet?".



Why do we say this? Because there are stringent laws about TEXTING. Sending a text message has been classified by the FCC as the same as making a RoboCall. There are a LOT of rules about that but the most important and glaring one is that you:


Are required to have express, written permission to text someone signed by them on file before ever texting them. The penalty for this is a minimum $500 per occurrence which means $500 per person you mass text or per message you send while out of compliance.


Our position on texting is not one of don't do it because it is a valuable medium of communication but one of caution on our part and to make our customers aware of the fact that there are very strict laws at the Federal level governing the use of text messages in business.


Here is a link to an article from a company who provides texting as a service. It is very informative and can help guide you properly into the texting world.




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