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I thought I would give you some feedback about our latest experience with our Bluewave phone system.  Recall we found you through our relationship with QQ Solutions. 

We switched from an old phone company based system to VOIP, which we were somewhat nervous about. Now that we have been going for 2 years, the system is working out just fine.

  • Sound quality is outstanding. We can hear our customers very well, and they can hear us.

  • Cool features. We love the ability to conference in the insurance company billing department with our client sometimes to resolve a billing issue. That save numerous call backs and paperwork.

  • Redundancy - following Hurricane Irma our power and internet was out. We didn't miss a beat. We hooked up our generator, switched our internet to satellite and activated call forwarding to our mobile phones through the Bluewave dashboard. The day after the storm, we were able to take claims as usual.This allowed us to provide outstanding service to our customers and make good on our promise to them.

We are glad we made the switch to Bluewave.

John W. Owner

I've been using Bluewave for almost 5 years now and still love it. I've recommended them to many of my agent friends and I've never been disappointed with putting my name behind their service.


Jimmy M. Owner

Bluewave has saved our agency a lot of money while adding phone integration with EPIC at an extremely low cost. Our agency piloted a phone integration with Bluewave and it has been awesome.

We love the communicator, the reporting, and the EPIC integration.


Ryan M. COO

This is the first time our agency has moved to VOIP and for our first experience, the transition has been easy.  We decided to use the "soft" phones and our staff loves them.  The versatility of this system is invaluable and the integration with AMS360 is very exciting. 

I can't say enough of how helpful the tech team at Bluewave has been.  I need to shout out to Martin and Aaron for responding quickly to our questions and getting us up and going so fast.

Whether your office is large or small, this system is pretty slick and useful.  If you haven't done the demo, I would definitely suggest that you get ahold of Bluewave.  



Kelli R. Owner


I love the new phone system!  The “communicator” indicates who is on the phone, away from their desk, on DND, etc.  We can instant message for quick questions, announcing callers, etc.  Your personal Outlook contacts will integrate into the communicator, or you can just highlight a contact in Outlook and click on the communicator button to dial it from your computer.  You can right click any phone number on any screen, or paste it into the communicator to dial it.  Your voicemails are attached to emails in your Outlook, which is great for drag and drop to AMS.  They are also available on your phone or in the communicator.

It’s so nice to have the client screen just open up in front of you.  Especially if you’re super-busy, I think it helps to eliminate, or at least reduce the chances of you talking to a client and not creating an activity.

I’d give Bluewave a solid “two thumbs up”, and definitely recommend them.



Cathy H. Owner

We changed to Bluewave from a big, national carrier about a year ago and have never looked back. Our call quality has gone off the charts. Customers can actually hear us on every call every day. That is something the other carrier never could provide.

I really enjoy the fact that we have a relationship with them that goes beyond just being our vendor. I truly like talking to them and how easy they are to work with.


Todd D. Owner


Can’t say enough about Bluewave and how great they are to work with. We are a very small agency and my Bluewave team makes me feel like I am the only client they have.

I’ve never had a phone company treat us that way and can’t recommend them enough.



Sarah S. Owner


I have to say I am impressed with Bluewave and glad I decided to switch to them. We were having all kinds of issues with our other VoIP company and all they ever told me was it was someone else’s problem or reboot something. With that in mind, I was a bit gun shy to get into this again with another company who claimed “white glove customer service”.

So anyway, we started the install and had a few minor hiccups and I thought here we go again. I picked up the phone and called Charlie who is one of the owners because he promised me he’d be available to me for anything at anytime. Sure enough he answered, we talked, situation resolved.

When Bluewave gives you their word you can take it to the bank. Anyone looking for a truly remarkable experience should buy from them.



Dennis M. Owner

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