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    The only integration for QQ Catalyst.
    Bluewave has completely changed the experience of working in QQ Catalyst by
    taking away the tedious need to search for customer information by hand.
    So incredible you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!!!
    Bluewave Screen Pop Plug-in
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    Agents Approve!

    Bluewave is compatible with all

    major VoIP providers.

    NO need to change phone companies and
    works right out of the box!

    You'll be doing screen pops in a matter of minutes!
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    Get your Bluewave Plug-in today and
    link your VoIP phone system to QQ and
    see just how far your agency can go.

    Prices starting at just $3.95 per user.

Our Bluewave VoIP plug-in for QQCatalyst is incredible. Use our VoIP and QQCatalyst together for an unbeatable system.

Save time and increase productivity by integrating your VoIP system with your QQCatalyst account. See it in action right now.

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