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Good data makes for good business. 

We've made it easy and simple to pull the metrics you need to drive sales.

AQMON, Wallboard, Supervisor

Call metrics are vital to any organization both large and small. We have made it easy to see what your agents are doing with just a few clicks. One can view raw data, graphs, charts and other data for individuals or groups. Select two agents and compare them to each other over a time period. Sift by inbound or outbound calling, answered or unanswered. 

You can customize to suit your business needs. We have made it simple to quickly pull the most useful information about agent performance. See the samples below for an idea of what you can easily see. 

Call for a personalized demo of the system and its reporting capabilities at 205 776 6910.


Calls By The Hour
  • Any date
  • Any agent
  • Quickly see busy times

Month At A Glance
  • Call statistics
  • Totals
  • Average call time
  • Click a date for more detail

Busy Time At A Glance

Compare Multiple Agents At Once


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