What is Faxing over Voip?

We want to make sure our customers understand Faxing over VoIP and exactly how it works to enable you to make the best decision for your business fax needs.

Fax over VoIP refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes over an Internet connection instead of a phone line. The key benefit of sending faxes in this manner is that it saves money on long-distance charges, delivers faxes to your email, and is much more efficient than a traditional fax machine. 

Limitations of Faxing over VoIP

Faxing has known limitations when implemented as a Fax over Internet service. These limitations are technology-based and industry-wide. Several VoIP companies, including Bluewave, use the T.38 standard for sending faxes over the Internet. Although the standard promises better reliability, that standard is still not perfect and cannot be maintained on an end-to-end basis with a 100% guarantee. There is always the possibility that the sender/receiver has technology that is incompatible with our system and therefore will not send/receive the fax as expected.

Bluewave cares about providing you with services that meet your needs and are as reliable as possible. Bluewave HIGHLY recommends maintaining an analog phone line for your fax needs If your business is heavily dependent on regularly faxing large, multi-page documents.

Bluewave provides an electronic fax service for its customers use. Bluewave faxing is as reliable as any in the industry and we are always happy to have you try it before moving your fax line to our service. For occasional faxing, many of our customers find these best-efforts fax services to be cost-effective and more than adequate to serve their needs. We encourage you to assess your faxing needs to select the best option for your business. 


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